A trailrunners Haute-Route – day 1

“the best memories come from the craziest ideas” – a 3 days journey over 140km/9000Hm on the Haute Route from Le Chable to Zermatt.
The Haute Route is a very famous high alpine hiking trail connecting Chamonix in France with Zermatt in Switzerland. I was already thinking for a longer time about doing this trail, but the recommended time of about 13 days hindered me in doing so. In september our vacation plans changed on short notice, and I got a window of 3 days, that proposed to bring fine weather. This is when I started to think if it was possible to do the Haute Route during this 3 days period. Some planning stages later I had a 3-days plan with distances up to 55k and up to 3500Hm per day, which sound hard but doable with light equipment and a mixture of running and hiking.
On the morning of the 11/09 I took the first train to Martigny and afterwards the Saint-Bernard Express to Le-Chable packed with a 12l backpack and running gear willing to arrive in Zermatt on 13/09. This is where it started…

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